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German Pilsner

Cans are sold out at the taproom. You might still find some in the wild!
German design, from Bauhaus modernism to contemporary poster culture, has always been sleek, crisp, efficient, with a tendency to design honestly and focus on the necessities. It allows for the true artistry of simplicity to shine through. But don’t be fooled by an absence of complication, minimalism is one of the hardest things in design to execute well. And much like modernism, german or otherwise, a well-executed Pilsner is truly a thing of beauty. Minimalism creates a beer that is beautiful in its crisp, efficient simplicity. A simplicity that is deceivingly complex and beautiful. Brewed honestly and with a focus on necessities, this is one of the hardest beers to get right, and this german pils might just be a masterclass in German design.


Alcohol By Volume: 5%
IBUs: 40