While brewing the finest beer available is our first priority, and we fully realize nothing much about our business matters without that, a very close second is our stewardship to planet Earth. Every day we take stock of our standard operating procedures and find room for improvement in not only how we treat our beer, but also of how we treat our environment.


For this reason, as well as a concern for beer quality, La Cumbre Brewing Co. commissioned New Mexico’s second canning line in 2012. Compared with bottles, cans are infinitely more recyclable, when empty, weigh 1% of what bottles do, and when full weigh only ½ the weight of a full bottle of equal size.


When we took over our facility in 2010, it would have been hard to design a much less efficient building. Since that time we have continuously invested in equipment that specifically reduces our footprint and water usage, including the installation of 43 KVA of photovoltaic solar cells, designed to offset 1/3rd of our total energy usage.

La Cumbre Brewing Co.

“Get Elevated”
3313 Girard NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Open every day at Noon – Close

La Cumbre is committed to responsible drinking. You must be at least 21 years old to visit this site.

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